Sydney B(non-registered)
Thank you so much for capturing a moment in time that I now treasure for life. You captured me and my Best friend at a time when I thought we would have forever! He recently passed unexpectedly and this is one of the very few pics we have together. I’m forever grateful!
Lindsey Spencer(non-registered)

Thank you so much for capturing our engagement! The photos are beautiful and I don't think anyone could have captured our excitement like you did! We are so happy, and beyond thankful, that you were there. It was such a gift and we will cherish your phenomenal photos forever.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Lindsey & Tim
I really like your photography, Susie. Do the spaces seem large on this entry or is that me
Marget Maurer(non-registered)
Susannah is an incredible photographer. She easily develops a rapport with children (must be all those years as a teacher!) and is able to capture each child's personality on film. She is patient, hardworking, and willing to try anything. She is dedicated to mastering her craft and it shows. We love our Susannah photos, and our grandparents can't wait for their "book" each year at christmas.
Great job on our Happy Hour Event see u Nov 16th!!! :-)
Tyler Hamlton(non-registered)
Love your work and you as well . I'm really happy that you've gotten this ball rolling and are keeping it going .
Love your work Susie. Nicely done!
Charles G Wixson(non-registered)
I like your stuff of course. It shows you are a nice person.
Margaret Black(non-registered)
Susannah took our wedding photos. They are absolutely beautiful. We just had our first child and I can't wait for the day when she can sit still long enough for Susannah to photograph her.
Rachel Hagen(non-registered)
I will always treasure the incredible photos that Susannah has taken of my daughter and me. Not only is she professional, kind, and loving, she has such a gift for capturing emotions and the energy of a moment on film. Whether posed or candid, her shots are always frame worthy! Susannah is a tremendously talented photographer.
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